Special Care Advocates In Dentistry
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Why Become a Special Care Advocates In Dentistry Member?

Click here to join todayBecause of what we do...

  • Annual Session offers superior continuing education for dental professionals caring for patients with disabilities.
  • Annual literature review highlights the latest research for the Special Care Dental professional.
  • SAID modules provide instruction for the dental professional caring for at-risk populations.
  • SAID website provides a central forum where members can exchange ideas on current issues.
  • Camaraderie with other professionals with similar backgrounds & problems.
  • SAID website provides a hub where members can access real-time updates in special care dentistry.
  • Membership list: SAID members are themselves resources for those who advocate for at-risk patient populations.


Because we care...

  • About at risk patients with special needs
  • About the quality of dental care provided to patients with special needs
  • About educating those who provide daily oral care to these special patients
  • About you the dental care provider who cares for these vulnerable patients
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